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Monday, March 9, 2015

Business phone system

    In the corporate world, it is really important to have Phone System  for the Business must be communicated properly for getting the best result for the company. Usually, the clients will communicate over the phone and it is important to have a person who can communicate with them properly over the phone. For that, an efficient Business Phone system is needed for the company.
For Small Business:
Whether you are doing business for small companies or Big company, you need to have a good, reliable and most powerful phone system for doing the business in the most efficient manner. Normally there are three types of Phone Systems are available in the market and they are
1. Voice Over IP Phone
2. Traditional Phone
3. Hybrid Phone

When we go into the different types of Phone systems we need to look for the price and features and also we need to understand growth potential where product belongs, and also service support of these products needs to be efficient for getting good customer satisfaction.

1. Voice Over IP Phone:
The Voice Over IP Phone is a cloud-based solution, where we can make the calls and also we can do everything with this phone. The flexibility really makes it more wonderful. We can travel with the phone and also we can keep the extension with us.
1. We can save our cost when we buy this phone and also the phone is reachable all the time and one of the numbers which are used can ring all other phones and also we can make clones with the VoIP stream phone to an iPhone.
2. We can make a voice mail and also we can email it.
3. We can manage with two phones and later we can start growing to 200 numbers.

Traditional Phone:
Usually, the traditional phone system is used in the office where we can route the incoming calls from telephone lines and we can give to other phones in the office.
1. Usually, here we are using for 4 to 150 users and there is no monthly cost for it.
2. We can manage it remotely from outside the office and we can change it according to our wish.
3. We can expand to different expansion slots which make the company have more growth.

Hybrid Phone:
These are similar to traditional phone systems where we can connect phones remotely over internet. These are suitable for the companies with telecommuters where the VoIP stream is not a helpful one.
1. It can reduce the costs and we can manage it centralized, where the voice messages are centralized in one business unit.
2. It is really portable and having more flexibility.
3. We can manage calls and messages from our PC.

Traditional one Versus the Hosted One
Traditional Phone systems are used in the office and we can route the incoming calls to other telephone lines. In the Hosted Phone systems, the service is provided by the carrier using the VOIP feature.
General Pricing:

Usually, the Hosted one is really helpful for small business phone systems, where the cost is really cheaper one rather than compared to the traditional one.  

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