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Monday, May 23, 2016

Facts about Proximity Access Control Systems Installation

What are the features of a proximity access control systems installation, and how will it benefit you? If you are looking to enhance thesecurity in your office, then you may find it helpful to read along and discover what this type of access control system offers. After all, the last thing you want is to compromise the safety of your employees and protection of your property. So, by investing on a good quality and reliable access control system, you can have peace of mind as security risks are minimized.

What is a Proximity Access Control System?

The main concept about a proximity access control system is to provide buildings with a point of entry that is customizable and secure. You can enter a series of several doors or just one door at an economical value. This means, if you need certain people in your office to enter a particular area at specific hours, you will be able to do so. At the same time, this prevents unauthorized people from gaining any access unless you allow them to do so. 

There are key components that make up an access control system. These all work together in promoting security that you need for your property. For instance, there is a controller that serves as the central control panel. It may either be device or software that gives you an opportunity to revise any access rules, review access reports or delete and add accounts when necessary. The price range for an access control system varies, and you can find one that meets your budget.

An automatic lock is another part of an access control system. It lets you close or open a magnetic lock using the central computer since the latter has full control of the system in its entirety. Lastly, the access device incorporate various input systems and technologies, which may include keypads, biometric scanners and card readers. The idea is for the user to identify themselves, so they will be granted access by the system.

Choosing an Access Device

When deciding on the access device for your needs, you may consider getting a proximity access card, which works with a proximity access control system. A radio transponder is in the card, and this informs the system about the identity of the card holder. All you need to do is to hold the card near the reader to allow the latter to analyze it. Since it is lightweight, easy to bring along and economical in value, it is a popular choice among several business owners. What's more, the same technology can be integrated into devices with key fob types for greater convenience.

A magnetic card is recommended for systems with a magnetic card door lock. There are magnetic strips found in these cards, just like what you can find in credit cards. You only need to swipe the card to obtain access. However, these cards can wear out easily, which means replacement is necessary. Thus, it may cost more than what you need to pay for a proximity card in the long term.

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