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Saturday, April 1, 2017

warning sign for camera system

do these places actually have security cameras or not? Security cameras are common in most places now, and in a lot of circumstances,

one way or the other. And if you do in fact have security cameras in use, there's a chance the individual that committed the crime can in fact be caught.

security cameras are in use. A person cannot go into the establishment without seeing the sign unless you were blind. So,

However I don't feel like these signs should be in place at a home, unless in fact there are security cameras in place. To me, it is too risky for the family, as well as their belongings and property are concerned. Security cameras whether out in the open or hidden are a good way to protect your family and yourself. I can see using these signs in establishments that are considered public places because people are all over, however in the homes it is a different situation all together.

see the security cameras at gas pumps and in the parking lot area. In all fairness, it makes people wonder, and it will definitely tend to warn off

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